Super bolt tensioners directly replace traditional nuts and bolts


Super bolt tensioners are designed to directly replace traditional nuts and bolts. These devices can be screwed onto a new or existing bolt, stud, screw or shaft.

Once in place, the actual tension of the bolt or stud is achieved by simply tightening the push screw around the main thread with a simple hand tool. The jacking screw evenly transfers the pre tightening force to the main thread and thus to the connecting piece. The main thread is locked with pure tension.

Super bolt company has a number of patent technology, through the use of push pre tightening bolt (super bolt) technology, to help customers solve the problems of bolt installation, disassembly and accurate pre tightening. Using the multi-stage jacking pre tightening bolt, the installation can be completed only by the ordinary torque wrench, without hammer striking, heating, hydraulic stretching, hydraulic wrench and other traditional bolt tightening methods, so as to save time, labor and money.